Flaine at F8

A ski trip a while ago to the French ski resort of Flaine.  Gave me an opportunity to whizz around with my Fuji X100 and snap some of the architecture of this purpose built ski resort.  The story is taken from an exhibition in the town


Partial history of Flaine:

Eric Boissonnas, in 1959 hit upon the idea of creating somewhere in France, a prototype of urban development, architecture and design in which short term profitability would be second to aesthetic considerations and care of the environment - Flaine was conceived as a cultural project! 

Marcel Breuer's Flaine, built 1960-1976.

His vision "The architecture of Flaine is an example of the application of the principle of light and shade that I have adopted. The facades of the buildings are shaped like the points of a diamond. The sun's rays strike the faces at different angles and are reflected to produce light of contrasting intensity"


I did think it looks a bit like a post war, Eastern Berlin townscape..   depressing concrete apartments, but in the snow storm we had it did all look very dramatic, especially in black and white.  

The artworks are by Picasso.


















We go back to Flaine as much as we can.. one of the hidden gems .. some recent trip photos .

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